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Electrical Control Systems

We are mainly selecting Beckhoff Automation as our drives and automation partner for multi-axis control systems. The equipment is latest generation gives exceptional dynamic performance and reliability, allows flexibility and upgradeability and a wide selection of options and features can be easily integrated. Our software programmers are the best in the country and have over 50 years experience in TWINCAT programming environment.
We have an 8 bay production cell capacity complete with a separate office for software development (to IEC 61131-3 + optional 3rd party validation) and dedicated area for FAT (Final Acceptance Testing). COTS (Commercial off the shelf high quality automation components arealways used in the build).
  • Full graphical user interface available (GUI)
  • Standard HMI solutions
  • Data logging / graphical trending
  • Cables EMC and harmonics testing
  • Final commissions and remote support
  • Application simulation and bench testing