Motion Platforms

Utilising Exlar Roller Screw Actuators


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Motion Platforms

Using Exlar patented roller screw linear actuators with optional integrated servo amplifier power electronics, Olsen motion platforms offer long life, low maintenance solutions, with a very compact physical footprint, complemented by easy-to-use and fully supported motion software with customised integration options. 

Electric servo roller screw actuators offer 15 times the travel life of equivalent ball screws and higher force density in the same footprint. This makes them ideal for use in compact motion bases that provide exceptionally long lives and have low maintenance requirements. Compared with hydraulic cylinders, they require only one-fifth of the energy, there is no risk of oil leakage and overall maintenance requirements are greatly reduced. Motion platforms based on GSX series products are available with ratings up to 55kN, while those based on FT series products can be supplied with ratings up to 37 tonnes.


Advanced Motion Software Integration

For use with its motion platforms, Olsen Actuation has developed a modern kinematics algorithm which runs on the latest generation of Beckhoff high speed motion controller giving UDP translation to set point in less than 10ms. We have experience and working flight model integration to Level D with BAE Systems and CAE software. 

We can build a full library of flight model translations for flexible integration with your system and for scientific or testing applications we can easily import motion profiles using .csv files. Alternatively, motion profiles can be entered manually.