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Olsen Actuation is the brainchild of Piers Olsen, an engineer with decades of experience and success in developing solutions for challenging applications in the most demanding environments. Building on his experience, the company has developed a world-class command of actuator technology and a deep understanding of user requirements.

Olsen Actuation offers so much more than components. We are a market leader in customisation and integration of electromechanical systems, and our unparalleled expertise is built into everything we supply, whether it’s a single actuator or a complex control system. 

We look at applications holistically and assess their long-term performance and impact, to provide solutions that are not only right for the present, but also future-proof. We support our products and systems at every stage, from pre-programming through to commissioning and beyond – all for your peace of mind.

For us, total product lifecycle is very important, so all of our components are tested in our in-house application simulation and testing facilities. We make extensive use of lifetime software modelling technology to ensure that our solutions always meet customers’ performance and duty cycle requirements and will continue to do so for many years to come.

We are also committed to helping our customers save energy and all of our products and solutions are developed with this in mind. Since electric actuators only use electricity when moving, they are significantly more energy efficient than their hydraulic and pneumatic counterparts. Quiet, reliable and effective, electric actuators are the best solution for almost every application. 

So give our experienced engineering team a call and tell them about your challenges. We’ll offer an outstanding solution that will keep your systems moving for years to come!

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