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Perfect Servo Electric Valve

Perfect Actuator

A revolutionary improvement in actuator technology from Exlar.

Built-in Positioner (Tritex)

The Tritex actuators from Exlar include a built in positioner with a 4-20 mA signal to tell you the exact stroke position.

100% Torque Available All the Time

Full torque means almost zero deadband; and friction (stiction) in the valve stem is no problem for the Exlar actuator. Current is always available to the actuator – so it will hold it’s position no matter what! This provides excellent process loop control.

Extreme Accuracy

The Exlar actuators stroke the valve based on position. Not air pressure. Accuracy and repeatability are easily better than .25%.

Custom Valve Seat

Exlar actuators stroke the valve based on position – but can switch to torque mode when seating the valve. This allows a tight cut off. It also helps with retrofitting valves that may have some wear. For new valves, it makes sure damage isn’t done due to over forcing the stroke.

Built-in Feedback

Exlar actuators know their exact position at all times due to the built in feedback position sensors

Fast Response

No stiction delays or overshoot problems. Exlar actuators respond in milliseconds to signal commands.

High Repeatability

With a very small hysteresis, the Exlar actuator will go to the same position every time.

High Stiffness

Similar to hydraulic actuators without the cost or maintenance issues. Exlar actuators are extremely stiff, so dynamic flow problems like negative gradients aren’t a problem.

Fast Stroke Speeds

Most other electric actuators are known for being slow – a major disadvantage. Exlar actuators can close a valve in milliseconds if needed.

Actuators for most Applications

  • Linear actuators to over 12,000 lbf
  • Rotary Actuators to 4600 lbf-in torque
  • Speeds up to 40 in/sec
  • Mounts to any valve from any manufacturer


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