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Process Control Brochure

Process Control

Download our recent brochure on electric servo actuators for process control.

Underperforming control valves and dampers will cost a typical process plant tens of thousands of dollars each year. The performance of these key devices is crucial to plant efficiency. Their direct impact on energy consumption, process downtime, recurring maintenance costs, and consistent product quality has significant influence on any facility's profitability. Today, demands for accuracy and response in final element control have led many engineers to re-examine two fundamental issues. “Have there been any breakthrough designs in the electromechanical actuator field?” and “How do the benefits and costs of electric servo actuators compare to what might be gained by attempting further refinements to existing pneumatic or hydraulic actuation systems?” The challenge has been to find devices that deliver the benefits of electric servo actuation, yet maintain the robustness and moderate cost of traditional devices. The Exlar electric servo actuator is a revolutionary design that meets this challenge, and promises valve manufacturers, OEM's and end users supreme performance, functionality and flexibility for all final control element applications.

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