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Gas Turbine Control

Gas Turbine Control

Gas turbine electric valve actuators deliver efficient and dependable performance.

Industrial gas turbine packages must deliver efficient and dependable performance with s in order compete in today’s global market place. In order to accomplish this goal, manufacturers and retrofitters are turning to all electric servo solutions for their actuator needs, eliminating the need for pumps and tubing normally associated with hydro- mechanical or pneumatic designs. Exlar Corporation is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of industrial electric servo actuators.

Fuel Control Valve

The use of electric actuated fuel control valves on gas turbines can replace pressure regulator/gas loaders, throttle valves, and associated electrohydraulic actuators. Exlar’s servo electric actuators integrate a high performance servo motor and a specially designed roller screw mechanism for converting electric motor power into linear motion. The roller screw, which consists of multiple threaded helical rollers assembled in a planetary arrangement around a threaded shaft, is capable of carrying heavy loads for thousands of hours even in very arduous conditions. This, combined with high torque servo motor technology, provides a compact and powerful linear actuator solution for fuel valves.

Inlet Guide Vanes

For gas turbines with variable guide vanes, Exlar actuators provide superior performance to other technologies. Precise positioning and feedback provides the ability to fine tune injector airflow to maintain CO and NOx emissions.

Bleed Valve

High accuracy and speed make Exlar servo electric actuators are an excellent choice for your variable air bleed valves and inlet bleed heat valves.

Fuel Metering Valve

For gas metering utilizing ball valves, Exlar electric servo rotary actuators provide high accuracy positioning. Directly coupled to the shaft, all linear linkages are eliminated. Gear reduction ratios are available up to 100:1.

Each Exlar actuator, when supplied with Exlar's alldigital positioner, Linear Actuators Rotary Actuators Thrust: to 885lbs Torque: to 4696 lb-in Stroke: 3”-6” in Reduction: to 100:1 Speed: to 25 in/sec Direct couple to valve Model: EL30 Model: ER115 will respond to command signal changes in less than 5 mSec. The speed of the response combined with the dynamic capability of the all-electric actuator delivers repeatability much greater than typical pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders and allows for end-to-end travel time of a 6 inch stroke actuator of less than 200 mSec. This performance makes Exlar's actuators the obvious choice for applications such as turbine controls. Exlar’s gas turbine linear and rotary actuators are designed for use in Class I Div I Groups B, C and D areas.

Exlar’s gas turbine linear and rotary actuators are designed for use in Class I Div I Groups B, C and D areas


Linear Actuators

  • Thrust: to 885lbs
  • Stroke: 3"-6" in
  • Speed: to 25 in/sec
  • Model: EL30

Rotary Actuators

  • Torque: to 4696 lb-in
  • Reduction: to 100:1
  • Direct couple to valve
  • Model: ER115


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