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Tritex II Process Control

tritex process control

Tritex II process control actuators are the ideal choice for your application.

Tritex Overview

Our premier process control solution, The TritexTM Series linear and rotary actuators, integrate a motor, actuator and digital positioner into one complete compact package. Rugged and reliable, the Tritex is a high speed, high accuracy actuator that is suited for a wide range of demanding process control applications.

Tritex Linear Actuators

Fully programmable to follow an analog signal representing either position or force, the Tritex linear actuator is perfectly designed for sliding stem valve applications with thrust requirements up to 3685 lbs. Highly accurate position feedback allows the Tritex to achieve combined repeatability and hysteresis as low as 0.25%. The Tritex Series linear actuators can be mounted on any valve from any manufacturer.

Tritex Linear Actuator Features

  • Custom Valve Seat
    Exlar actuators stroke the valve based on position, but can switch to torque mode when seating the valve. This allows a tight cut-off. It also helps with retrofi tting valves that may have some wear. For new valves, it makes sure damage isn’t done due to over-forcing the stroke.
  • High Stiffness
    Similar to hydraulic actuators, but without the cost or maintenance issues, Exlar actuators are extremely stiff, so dynamic fl ow problems such as negative gradients are never a problem. 
  • Fast Stroke Speeds
    Most other electric actuators are known for being slow – a major disadvantage. Exlar actuators can close a valve in milliseconds if needed.
  • 100% Torque Available
    Full torque means almost zero deadband; and friction (stiction) in the valve stem is no problem for the Exlar actuator. Current is always available to the actuator - so it will hold its position - no matter what! This provides excellent process loop control. 



Tritex Rotary Actuators

The TritexTM Series rotary actuators are ideal for operating quarterturn, full-turn or multi-turn valves or shaft driven dampers. Its unique design integrates a high power density, electrically rated brushless motor with a feedback device, planetary gear reducer and controller into one compact package. Rotary Tritex actuators can be set up representing torque, velocity or position.

In shaft driven applications, the rotary Tritex actuators are directly coupled shaft-to-shaft. This eliminates the ungainly mechanisms usually necessary to convert the linear motion of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders to rotational motion. Gear ratios of 4:1 to 100:1 allow the power of Tritex to be applied to a broad range of applications.

Tritex Rotary Actuator Features

  • 100% Torque Available All the Time
    Unlike standard duty cycle electric actuators, the Tritex is based on servo technology which gives you full torque capability all of the time. Full torque means almost zero deadband and no problems with starting friction.

  • High Accuracy
    Tritex actuactors have a built-in position feedback sensor, providing much higher accuracy over potenti-ometer based actuators.

  • Speed of Response
    Typical electric actuators are slow but the Tritex response rate is measured in milliseconds. this provides excellent modulating control of both ball valves and butterfly valves.




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