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Oil Free Hydraulic

Oil Free Hydraulic

Exlar sells 44 GSM30 actuators for damper control tp Reliant Energy for their Cheswick Station power generation plant.

Ideal Replacement

Exlar’s linear actuators provide an ideal replacement for hydraulic cylinders typically used for positioning in sawmills.

Whether canter saws or edging saws, the robust design of the GSX and FT Series actuators from Exlar can survive the rugged environment of a sawmill while providing accurate positioning at high rates and with high force. Exlar’s linear actuators use planetary roller screw technology to offer many times the load capacity and travel life of ball screws. They also offer higher tolerance to shock load and more stiffness than ball screws.

By eliminating the need for oil, Exlar’s electro-mechanical actuators also provide an environmentally friendly solution. Oil leaks and the associated maintenance are a thing of the past. Exlar actuators also provide a more efficient system than hydraulics and offer an electrical energy savings.


Consider the Benefits of Servo Technology

The hassles of hydraulic cylinder set-up and maintenance are eliminated by using Exlar’s all-electric servo based cylinders. Utilizing servo technology, and a completely sealed package, the GSX Series actuators from Exlar can be simply retrofitted for most hydraulic cylinders, cleanly and easily. Cylinder style mounting options are available to choose from, as well as standard cylinder rod end attachments.

The GSX Series actuators offer peak forces to 25,000 pounds and stroke lengths to 18 inches. The FT Series actuators offer peak forces to 40,000 pounds and stroke lengths to 8 feet. These two series of actuators offer solutions for nearly any linear motion application in a sawmill.



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