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Reliant Energy

Reliant energy

Exlar sells 44 GSM30 actuators for damper control tp Reliant Energy for their Cheswick Station power generation plant.

Exlar Corporation Announces

Exlar received a $156,000 order from Reliant Energy for their Cheswick Station power generation plant, located just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. The order included a total of 44 GSM30 actuators and 44 SV positioners. This order is the second of two large orders from Reliant Energy and will allow them to complete the retrofit of all 88 windbox dampers using Exlar actuators and SV positioners!

This application uses a GSM30 actuator and SV positioner to control the position of windbox dampers located on the furnace. To provide tight control of windbox airflow, it is imperative that damper blades respond to demand signal changes as small as .25% full scale. Utilizing a clevis mount, Exlar's linear actuators allow the operator to manipulate each separate damper blade, centering the fireball in the furnace for maximum efficiency. As an added bonus, Reliant Energy noticed a significant decrease in maintenance costs after the first half of the windbox damper actuators were installed with Exlar, and is looking forward to the same result when the remaining actuators are replaced.

Applications such as this are excellent examples to use with your customers to demonstrate how Exlar actuators can be used in the power generation industry. Looking for more examples like the one mentioned above? Visit us in booth 7246 at Power Gen 2011 in Las Vegas, NV December 13-15 and get some bright ideas about how Exlar actuators can help your customers in the power generation industry.


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