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Damper Control Air Exchanger

Damper Control Air Exchange

Exlar’s FT35 actuator reduces noise in an air exchanger system.


Vertical damper control in an air exchanger system


A company that develops energy recovery and other auxiliary products for the power generation and industrial processing industries.

Customer Challenge

This customer historically used pneumatic cylinders to control a vertical damper in their air exchanger systems. They were looking to move away from pneumatic cylinders because of the large amount of noise the cylinders produced and their high power consumption. This application required both high speed and high load in order to move the vertical damper 18 inches from top to bottom. The move also needed to be completed within one second. The customer sought a quieter electric actuator solution that could also offer very high performance and low energy consumption.


Exlar’s FT35 actuator paired with an Allen Bradley servo system provided all of the necessary components to solve this customer’s application challenges. The FT35 actuator was able to perform the 18 inch move of a 300 pound load within the required one second cycle time. Not only could Exlar’s FT35 actuator perform this move, but it could perform this move without sacrificing the working life of the actuator. Furthermore, Exlar’s solution eliminated significant noise from the air exchanger system and allowed for better overall system control. Because of Exlar’s ability to deliver a prototype that performed the required functions quietly, the customer decided to replace their existing pneumatic systems with Exlar actuators. They also decided to incorporate Exlar actuators into the future production of this air exchanger system.


  • Decreased the noise of the system
  • Increased overall system control
  • Decreased power consumption
  • Met cycle time requirement of one second


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