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Test and Motion Simulation

Test Motion Simulation

Smooth and accurate motion control is now possible thanks to Exlar electric atuctors.

The Benefits of Electric Actuators

Exlar linear actuator solutions can provide several benefits to your motion simulation application. The GS and FT Series actuators are compact, packaged units that can easily replace larger ballscrew actuators and more cumbersome hydraulic systems. Not only will you save space, this electronic system will have a lower installed cost than hydraulics, and provide superior performance to a ball screw system.

Ideal Replacement

The roller screw technology used in the FT Series and patented GS Series actuators provides very high speeds and stiffness and the life expectancy can be 15 times that of ball screw actuators. So eliminate your maintenance and environmental headaches and achieve the robustness and longevity your application requires.

The Exlar Advantage

The GSX Series actuators offer forces from 100 to 25,000 pounds and stroke lengths to 18 inches.

The FT Series actuators offer forces to 40,000 pounds, stroke lengths to 8 feet, and speeds to 60 inch/sec.

These two series of actuators offer solutions for nearly any linear motion application in the simulation and testing industries.


The smooth and accurate motion of Exlar’s linear actuators, combined with today’s servo technology, make multiple degree-of-freedom motion simulation applications easier to implement, cleaner and more efficient than outdated hydraulic solutions.


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