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Six Degree Movement

Six Degree Movement

Smooth and accurate motion can be achieved with servo cylinders.

Electric Actuators Provide Ideal Replacement

The smooth and accurate motion of Exlar’s linear actuators, combined with today’s servo technology, make multiple degree-of-freedom motion simulation applications cleaner, easier to implement, and more efficient than outdated hydraulic solutions.

The roller screw technology used in the SR Series actuators provides very high speeds and stiffness and the life expectancy can be 15 times that of ball screw actuators. So eliminate your maintenance and environmental headaches and achieve the robustness and longevity your application requires.


Six Exlar SR21actuators are used in the ThoroughTec mining equipment simulators. Two other families of linear actuators, the GSX Series and FT Series actuators are also available and offer varying stroke lengths, speeds, forces, and other mechanical characteristics to meet your application's requirements.

The Exlar Advantage

  • Millions of cycles without re-lubrication or maintenance
  • Available in standard sizes offering peak forces from 100 to 40,000 pounds
  • 15 times the life of ball screw actuators with roller screw technology
  • Much less noise than other motion technologies
  • Accurate and repeatable positioning
  • Wide variety of mounting styles
  • Operation with nearly any servo amplifier
  • Multiple stroke lengths and sizes to fit your application
  • High stiffness due to integrated design

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