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Exlar vs Linear Motors

Exlar Vs Linear Motors

Outperforms a linear motor and keeps its cool too!

Improve Quality and Lower Cost

The picture to the right shows a Compumotor linear motor with GV20 drive that failed repeatedly in this cut to length application. The system, a 10A continuous, 20A peak amplifier, and a linear motor producing about 250 lbs of linear thrust, continually tripped on over current with minimal load binding.

After replacing the function of the linear motor with an Exlar GSX30 and a 7.5A Baldor Flexdrive the application has continued to run without faulting. It draws 2.5A rms and positions as accurately as the linear motor. The actuator is just warm to the touch during operation.

As can be seen in the image to the right, the linear motor has been reduced to functioning as a linear guide for the application.

Two Technologies Combined To Create Superior Performance

Exlar’s all-electric actuators incorporate two leading edge technologies to provide a solution with precise, simple positioning in a compact package. Planetary roller screw technology converts rotary motion into linear with incredible efficiency and Exlar’s segmented stator technology gives the motor 50% more torque than that obtained with traditional windings.

The servo-based Exlar actuator allows you flexibility in choosing nearly any drive/control available in the Marketplace.


The unique and patented roller screw design of the GSX Series delivers very high speeds, high force ratings, low maintenance and long life in a compact, integrated package.

The Exlar Linear Actuator Advantage

  • Available in standard sizes offering continuous forces from 1,000 to 12,500 pounds
  • Accurate and repeatable positioning
  • Wide variety of mounting styles
  • Operation with nearly any servo amplifier
  • Multiple stroke lengths and sizes to fit your application
  • Higher stiffness due to integrated design

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