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Fire Fighting

Aerial Fire fighting

The Exlar GSX40 is deployed in two areas of the Evergreen Supertanker, or “water bomber".

The Evergreen Supertanker, or “water bomber,” is a modified Boeing 747 cargo jet designed to hold, transport and dump 24,000 gallons of fluid on large ground fires. The cargo hold is fitted with 4 fluid tanks, which dump from the bottom of the plane via four 16” diameter butterfly valve openings. The supertanker does the work of 7 standard fire-fighting planes.

The Exlar GSX40 is deployed in two areas of the application. For safety and for dump control, each tank must maintain absolute pressure control (sloshing 24,000 gallons of water would be a “catastrophic event”). The GSX40 controls the pressure regulation valve between the air pressure tanks and the fluid holding tanks. Additionally, another GSX40 regulates the dump valve, which controls the fluid dump.


Exlar was chosen because the GSX40 provided both the speed and force needed for the application. Also, it eliminated the cumbersome, complicated setup utilizing hydraulic power supplies, fluids and control mechanisms. The GSX40 could meet both application needs, providing an ease of purchase platform while minimizing logistical difficulties related to multiple systems.


The Exlar Advantage

  • All-electric solution
  • Exceptionally fast responses to command signal changes
  • Highly accurate and repeatable control
  • Extremel long life - hundreds of millions of inches of travel
  • Compatible with nearly any servo amplifier on the market
  • Virtually maintennance free operation



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