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AGS controls used in 155-mm advanced gun system.


United Defense is transforming Navy land attack capabilities for new DD(X) ships with the responsive 155-mm Advanced Gun System (AGS) and the highly lethal Long Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP).

The 155-mm AGS with LRLAP will support U.S. Navy and Marine Corps expeditionary and joint operations warfighters in the littorals and deep inland. Precision fires and flexible response will provide the support required for asymmetric operations.

With DD(X) as part of a naval task force or as an independent expeditionary strike force, AGS will launch LRLAP at high velocity from over the horizon to prepare and shape the battlefield. AGS will be capable of a maximum sustained firing rate of 10 rounds per minute to deliver high-volume, 155-mm LRLAP fires at ranges of up to 100 nautical miles. Each DD(X) can mass 140 to 160 projectiles in the air at once and direct multiple round simultaneous impact effects against single or multiple targets.

The 155-mm LRLAP is a GPS / IMU-guided and rocket-assisted munition capable of delivering a unitary high explosive warhead at extreme range.

The high-capacity, fully automated 155-mm AGS and below-deck ammunition handling and storage system allows an uninterrupted and sustained high-volume of fires. AGS provides 24/7 precision strike for standoff, covering and massed fires in any weather. Fully automated ammunition handling also supports the U.S. Navy’s goal to significantly reduce overall crew requirements for DD(X) by eliminating personnel from the gun and ammunition magazine.

The 155-mm AGS and LRLAP from United Defense – transforming Navy capabilities for precision land attack.


The United Defense DD(X) Armament Team is currently developing the transformational 155-mm AGS and LRLAP munition under the ongoing engineering development model contract phase.

AGS Modeling and Simulation

United Defense modeling and simulation teams at our Minneapolis facility generate rich visual imagery of virtual AGS components, subsystems, or the complete AGS assembly in virtual operation. These models allow examination of real-time AGS control system, mechanical and component interactions separately or as a fully integrated system - before the initiation of physical prototypes.

Applying rapid virtual prototyping to develop, test and refine AGS design in real time is allowing significant progress toward meeting aggressive cost, performance, and schedule goals set for the DD(X) program.

Demonstrated AGS Capabilities

While virtual development of key elements is moving forward, testing at other United Defense and AGS Team facilities is demonstrating physical and operational capabilities of AGS and LRLAP. United Defense-directed subcontractors have already demonstrated LRLAP concepts for suitability of structural integrity, flight stability, navigation, guidance, and control system characteristics. Tests have already demonstrated the propulsion approach required to achieve the challenging range goal of 100 nautical miles.

In developing the LRLAP Tactical Baseline Design, United Defense and Lockheed Martin tests will establish confidence in meeting challenging performance and reliability goals, and in addressing requirements directly related to LRLAP fielding.

AGS System Information

Design and analysis of 155-mm AGS gun and magazine subsystems, components, and software are progressing on schedule toward a 2005 system integration and test of the Engineering Development Model. Currently, key AGS component and subassembly fabrications are proceeding on or ahead of schedule.

Building on a tradition of excellence in naval gun development, production and support, United Defense and the DD(X) Team are rapidly transforming armament development to provide the most operationally and costeffective major caliber naval gun system ever deployed.


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