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Lockheed Radar System

Lockheed Radar System

Exlar actuators are now being used on Lockheed Martin's EQ-36 Radar Systems for U.S. Army.

Chanhassen, MN—April 27, 2011—Exlar Corporation has received a contract to provide linear actuators for Lockheed Martin’s Enhanced AN/TPQ-36 (EQ-36) counterfire target acquisition radar systems.

Recently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan by the U.S. Army, the new EQ-36 radar systems can detect, classify, track and locate enemy indirect fire—such as mortars, artillery and rockets—in either 360- or 90-degree modes, providing greater protection for U.S. soldiers and their allies.

On the EQ-36 system, two Exlar FT35 linear actuators lift the radar mechanism into position.  Exlar FT Series force tubes use a roller screw mounted inside a telescoping tube mechanism. The follower is attached to the moveable force tube, which then extends and retracts as the screw rotates. As with all Exlar's roller screw products, the FT Series force tubes provide high load capacity, high speed capabilities and exceptionally long life when compared to other mechanical actuator technologies.

The FT Series force tube design provides the contamination isolation advantages of hydraulic cylinders without the limited load/life/speed drawbacks of ball or acme screws. All converting components in the FT Series force tubes are mounted within the sealed housing. This prevents abrasive particles and other contamination from entering the actuator's critical mechanisms, assuring trouble-free operation even in the most severe environments.

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