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Replace Pneumatic Actuators


Replacing pneumatic actuators with electric ones in cap closing application for Relco.

Application Challenge: This cap closing application has previously operated with a pneumatics cylinder and also with a ballscrew.  Relco desired more precise control and found that by replacing the pneumatic cylinder with Exlar’s Tritex actuator, not only did they achieve more precision, but at a lower cost and with less space. 

Cycle rates can be increased through the high speed capability of Exlar’s linear actuators ‐ speeds as high as 40 linear inches/second, and with the control benefits of servo technology. This flexibility allows you to manipulate position and speed without setting any switches or changing offsets.  Just enter a new setting in the operator interface panel.   

Replacing a ball screw with a roller screw offers several advantages for your machine’s performance.   Exlar’s planetary roller screw designs provide many more contact points than possible on comparably sized ball screws.  This means that the roller screws have higher load carrying capacities, improved stiffness, are more compact and deliver major advantages in working life.  A roller screw offers an expected life service 15 times longer than a ball screw.

With a Tritex actuator you will also save space.  The brushless servo motor, linear actuator incorporating Exlar’s signature planetary roller screw mechanism, and servo control are all integrated into a single unit  with a smaller footprint than many hydraulic, pneumatic or ball screw systems.

Exlar Solution: Tritex TLM20 linear actuator with embedded electronics.  Experience the benefits of the Tritex Series of actuators such as:

  • Millions of cycles without maintenance
  • Less energy consumption than pneumatics 
  • Accurate and repeatable positioning
  • High cycle rates for higher speed
  • No need for separately mounted servo drive and associated cables
  • Less noise than pneumatic cylinders
  • Extended lifetime of roller screw actuator over ball screw.


Call us today at 952‐368‐3434 to learn of ways to optimize your application.  Visit us at for complete product information on all of Exlar’s electric actuation solutions.  If you prefer, you may also email us at   We look forward to being involved in your next solution.


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