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All Electric Core Pull


All electric core pull for injection molders.

Simple Hydraulic Replacement

The hot topic with injection molders is all-electric core pulls. It’s an easy retrofit, just replace your hydraulic cylinder with an Exlar electric actuator! The flexibility of the servo system allows the use of the existing hydraulic control switches for a near drop-in replacement. Additionally, servo systems eliminate lengthy start-ups and high maintenance, minimize cycle time and improve throughput!

Exlar offers several families of all electric, servo linear actuators designed to fit and mount in the same space as hydraulic cylinders. Choose from GSX Series, SR Series, or FT Series actuators, depending on your application. The combination of speed and force will meet or exceed your performance expectations.


Other Applications

Exlar actuators are also perfectly suited for other applications within the plastics industry: Toggle actuators, assist cylinders, blow pin cylinders, mold transfer actuators, clamp and locking cylinders, plus many more!


Electric Linear Actuators

Exlar’s cylinder design uses a proprietary planetary roller screw, which can offer 30 times the life of a ball screw, is compact and allows the actuator to be completely sealed.

  • Forces: 100 to 25,000 pounds
  • Frame Sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 inches square
  • Stroke lengths: 3 to 18 inches
  • Mounting: Standard cylinder mounting styles

If you require longer strokes or higher forces, Exlar also offers the FT Series all-electric actuators. The FT Series offers strokes to 8 feet and forces to 40,000 pounds.


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