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Haas-Mondomix Food Processing


Haas-Mondomix Food Processing selects Exlar 1 Series roller screw actuator for dispensing and pressing application.

Application: Dispensing and pressing chocolate truffles
Application: Haas-Mondomix depository equipment
Exlar component used: Exlar’s I Series roller screw actuator
Objective: Accommodating high-duty processing and high product

Haas-Mondomix in Netherlands is a leader in the food processing business, especially in aeration related equipment used for bakery, dairy and confectionery products. The XYZ Depositor from Haas-Mondomix is designed to deposit products in several deviations and forms and is ideal for high capacity production and reliable deposit weight control. This allows the production of several types of forms and sizes.

In the past, Haas was building XZ depositors to make 2D movements, consisting of a complex mechanical construction. With their unique approach to innovation and the use of Exlar’s products, Haas-Mondomix created 3D movements providing the speed and stability the application required.

Olsen’s solution was to select an Exlar I Series roller screw actuator in order to accommodate the high load. With a quick stroke rate, the load was moved and positioned vertically in the machine at the required speed. The high dynamic load rating of the roller screw actuator measured 2x greater than a comparable ball screw and the life is nearly 10x higher. Exlar’s roller screw actuator was the perfect match for this high duty application!


  • Millions of cycles without re-lubrication or maintenance
  • Roller screws offer up to 15 times longer life than ball screws
  • Less noise than other motion technologies
  • Smooth motion
  • Less energy consumption than fluid power with electric actuation
  • Accurate and repeatable positioning
  • Wide variety of mounting styles
  • High cycle rates
  • Multiple stroke lengths




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