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Electric Retrofit


Electric actuators can improve your thermoforming processes.

Greater control with Electric Retrofit

More Precision - Less Waste

You can gain greater control of the scissors toggle of your thermoforming machines by replacing your hydraulic or pneumatic motion with servo electric actuation.

Accurate platen control results in more precise draws and less wasted material. Servo control of the opening and closing of platens via actuator extension and retraction allows higher cycle rates without sacrificing product quality.


The Benefits of Electric Actuators

  • Increased cycle rates with the high speed capability of Exlar’s linear actuators - speeds as high as 30 cycles per minute
  • Long life in high-force, continuous duty operating environments
  • Longer equipment life with servo control of platen acceleration and deceleration profiles
  • Smaller footprint than many hydraulic or pneumatic systems

Range of Options to Fit your Application

  • Exlar FT Series linear actuator with up to 8ft stroke, 40,000 lb peak force
  • Exlar GSX Series linear servo actuators up to 24 inch stroke, 25,000 lb peak force
  • Exlar FT Series offer motor options tailored to your exact requirements.


Exlar's FT Series force tube actuators use a planetary roller screw mounted inside a telescoping tube mechanism. An external motor supplied by Exlar or the customer provides the rotational force.

Exlar GSX Series, an integrated servo motor and linear actuator, offers high speeds, high force ratings, and long life in a compact package.


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