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Servo Actuators For Medical


Electric servo actuators guarantee smooth and accurate rotary and linear motion control.

The Benefits of Electric Actuators

Electric actuators provide clean, easy-to-use rotary and linear motion for all types of motion control applications in the medical device industry. Electric actuation utilizing servo controls also provides a low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and high efficiency solution.

Ideal Replacement for Fluid Power Actuators

Exlar’s all electric actuators are excellent replacements for hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. Exlar’s patented GS Series actuators offer power density similar to hydraulic actuators without the inconvenience, mess and maintenance required of oil powered hydraulic systems. Providing t X wice the efficiency of hydraulic systems, an Exlar solution can save significant energy costs. Using commercially available servo amplifiers, the set-up time of an Exlar electric system is far less than a fluid power system.

Perfect solutions for high response web controls, Exlar actuators provide high force, speed and precision, all from a very compact, completely sealed package.

Controlling ultrasonic welding equipment, laser cutters or water jet cutting heads are all perfect applications for the precise high force motion available from Exlar actuators.

High force and precision from Exlar’s actuators makes them ideal for assembly presses.


Precision position control at high forces and high stiffness make Exlar actuators perfect for applications requiring force sensing as well as positioning.


Fastening and joining applications can be made more precise with increased throughput using Exlar’s all electric actuators. High cycle rate capability and high shock load capacity make Exlar’s actuators a reliable motion solution.


10 years of experience as the leading supplier of volumetric filling, fluid dispensing and pumping actuators makes Exlar an excellent actuator source for your fluid dispensing systems. Other applications include:

  • Fluid Dispensing
  • Volumetric Filling
  • Web Guiding and Control
  • Ultrasonic Welder Positioning
  • Water Jet Control
  • Laser Positioning
  • Presses
  • Fastening and Joining
  • Table Positioning
  • Patient Lifts
  • Wheel Drives


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