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Seattle Chocolates


Seattle Chocolates replaces pneumatic cylinders with Exlar’s Tritex II sctuators.

Application: Dispensing and pressing chocolate truffles
Exlar components used: Exlar’s Tritex II Actuators
Objective: Quick and effective product recipe changeovers

Seattle Chocolates of Seattle, Washington, produces gourmet chocolate truffles and truffle bars. The company manufactures multiple chocolate recipes with flavors including raspberry, mint, and coconut on the same dispensing machine.

Seattle Chocolates used pneumatic cylinders to dispense and press their chocolate truffles and truffle bars. With the pneumatic cylinders, Seattle Chocolates adjusted physical stops each time they switched product recipes. This was very time consuming because an employee needed to leave the control room and go to the production level to make the adjustments on the machinery.

Seattle Chocolates was looking for a solution, which would simplify and speed up this process. They had limited space on their machine to mount electronic components and the bulky cables associated with a component servo system. The company needed a compact actuator that didn’t require an additional drive in the control panel.

Exlar’s Tritex II was the perfect replacement for the manufacturer’s pneumatic cylinders. The Tritex II actuators were easily integrated into Seattle Chocolates existing PLC system and allowed them to pre-program multiple settings for their various product recipes.

Now, the employee simply pushes a button to set the machine for the new flavor batch of chocolate truffles. Exlar’s Tritex II actuator also offered a longer life than comparable products, and was available in a smaller size without sacrificing force levels. Since the Tritex II actuator is fully integrated, Seattle Chocolates did not have to find space for separate drives. Exlar’s Tritex II actuator was a complete solution for Seattle Chocolate’s multiple cchallenges.


  • Ability to save multiple program sequences
  • Eliminated manual switch settings
  • Higher life expectancy over comparable products
  • Compact size with the same force level
  • No space needed for additional drive
  • Connected to existing machinery system



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