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Exlar Designs Custom Motor


Exlar designs custom motor to withstand demanding wash‐down application for meat packaging line.


Single axis reciprocaƟng dual action meat packaging machine


A machine builder who offers design services and manufacturing of machines and control systems for a variety of different applicaƟons from the food packaging industry to the metal working industry.   This machine builder offers a wide range of services including applicaƟon development, engineering research, and soŌware development.


This customer was struggling with their meat packaging machine applicaƟon because of the harsh condiƟons the motor had to endure throughout the machine sanitaƟon process.  During this process, the motors are exposed to many causƟc chemicals used to kill bacteria on the equipment, which are applied with a pressure washer.  With their exisƟng soluƟon, the customer was required to replace the motors in the meat packaging machine every six to eight weeks because of leaking or total motor failure.  This was costly because of the constant purchasing of new motors to replace the failed units.   The customer was convinced that no motor could stand up to this applicaƟon.   


Due to Exlar’s success with food grade applicaƟons, and specific examples of other food processing customers who use Exlar actuators, the customer decided to consider an Exlar soluƟon for their meat packaging machine.  Exlar’s experience with military applicaƟons and their ability to provide customized soluƟons allowed them to provide the ideal soluƟon for this customer’s demanding applicaƟon.  

A specially sealed SLM90 motor was provided to the customer for tesƟng and Exlar agreed to evaluate the motor if any failures occurred during the tesƟng period.  AŌer six months of tesƟng the SLM90, the customer had not experienced any failures of the Exlar motor.  The SLM90 had already surpassed three Ɵmes the average life of the previous motor soluƟon and conƟnued to perform beyond expectaƟons!  Following their tesƟng period, the customer realized Exlar’s SLM90 was the perfect soluƟon for their applicaƟon.  Exlar’s customized SLM90 was able to deliver a soluƟon for an applicaƟon that the customer thought no motor could survive!  


  • SoluƟon for meat packaging machine that lasts at least three Ɵmes longer than previous motor soluƟon
  • Motor soluƟon for an applicaƟon that the customer thought no motor could survive


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