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Shift in Mechanical Testing


Paradigm shift in mechanical testing system technology thanks to Exlar innovations.

Exlar offers a full range of all-electric test actuators and position controls which provide the dynamic performance and long life required for test and simulation equipment. Historically, manufacturers and users of mechanical test apparatus and motion simulators have accepted the inaccuracies, inconvenience and high maintenance cost of hydraulic actuation. However, today’s simulators and test stands are often used in environments where contamination from oil leaks is not permissable and greater accuracy is required. Now there’s a new and easy alterna- tive, once and for all eliminating fl uid power. Fifteen years experience in the design, manufacture and implementation of planetary roller screw actuators gives Exlar the edge in applying all- electric actuation for use in applications ranging from motion bases, hexapods, entertainment simulators, ergonomic endurance test equipment, geological test equipment, wear testing, and even aircraft structural testing and dynamic simulation.

The Benefi ts of All-Electric Test Actuator Systems

Exlar’s patented roller screw linear actuator technology allows users to perform the analysis and testing needed to verify products’ designs without the high cost of installation, constant maintenance, environmental issues, and energy consumption encountered with servo hydraulic systems.

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