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Moulding Insert

Moulding Inserts

How to create nothing faster with the aid of Exlar actuators. Whether for vacuum cleaners, hearin...


All Electric Core Pull

All electric core pull for injection molders. Simple Hydraulic Replacement The hot topic with in...


Electric Retrofit

Electric actuators can improve your thermoforming processes. Greater control with Electric Retrof...

Cheaper Injection Moulding

Cheaper Injection Moulding

Exlar Actuators are cleaner, quieter and less expensive to run in injection molding machines. Whe...

Blood Bag Welding

Colpitt - Blood Bag Welding

Colpitt - Blood bag sealing equipment powered by GSX40 and GSX50 servo actuators. Application: Bl...

MEAF - Thermoforming

MEAF Machinery - Thermoforming

MEAF - Thermoforming mould equipment uses Exlar FT60 actuators and one GSX60 integrated actuator. ...

Reduce Material Wrinkling

Reduce Material Wrinkling

Circonix Technologies reduces material wrinkling with Exlar GSX40s actuators. Application Turret...

Dukane ultrasonic welding

Dukane Ultrasonic Welding

Dukane expands ultrasonic press product line with Exlar’s GSM series linear actuators. Appl...


Cap Ejection Moulding

Watch our video to see the Cap Ejection Moulding in operation...


Example Mold Parts Ejection

Mold Parts Ejection machine demonstration on shop floor....


Cap Unscrewing

Watch our video to see the Cap Unscrewing in operation...


Core Ejection

Core Ejection in operation video...

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