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Electro Mechanical Solutions

View our full range of Exlar drive/motor actuators below, which are fully integrated with AC or DC powered servo drives, digital position controllers, brushless servo motors and roller-screw actuators. To order or get a quote, contact us on 01925 906 487 or email

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Exlar Linear Actuators

Exlar K series linear actuator

Servo Linear Actuators

Exlar GSX series linear actuator

Drive & Motor Linear Actuators

exlar tritex ii series

Drive & Motor Rotary Actuators

exlar tritex ii rotary series

Servo Motors & Gear Boxes

exlar er series

Once you've found the actuator to meet your specification, or if you need some expert guidance from Olsen Actuation on how electric actuators integrate into your existing system, please don't hesitate to contact Piers and the team on 01925 906 487 or email We'll be delighted to help you.

To request a quote for an Exlar electro mechanical solution, please click the button below, which will take you to our quote request form.

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Exlar’s patented roller-screw technology offers flexible, long-life solutions for today’s most challenging applications. With lower maintenance, higher efficiency and drastically reduced energy consumption, Exlar actuators provide an ideal upgrade from outdated Hydraulic or Pneumatic systems and the high force capabilities of roller-screw technology makes these electro-mechanical systems significantly more robust than their ball screw alternatives.

To find out more about what makes Roller-Screw technology so distinctive, visit our Exlar Linear Actuators page.

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