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Exlar linear actuators offer decisive benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability, operating life and accuracy over and above conventional pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. In addition, they are significantly smaller than their conventional counterparts and they completely eliminate the risk of problems caused by air leaks and escape of hydraulic fluid. 

Exlar actuators feature unique inverted roller screw technology that guarantees fast, accurate and reliable control. This improves production rates and demonstrably increases machine and tool life. The actuators are physically the smallest in the world for a given force, yet they offer 15 times the travel life compared with ball screws actuators.

Exlar actuators are also exceptionally energy efficient. They use only one-tenth of the energy of their pneumatic equivalents, and one-fifth of the energy used by comparable hydraulic cylinders. They eliminate the risk of air and oil leaks, and provide a dependable, long-life and low maintenance solution. Exlar actuators are also quieter in operation than their conventional pneumatic and hydraulic counterparts, they are easier to install and they offer enhanced positional accuracy.

 Exlar in a nutshell:


Exlar has an installed base of over 70,000 actuators supported by dedicated distributors in over 60 countries.

Linear Actuators

Electric Linear Actuators - Patented Roller Screw technology Exlar Corporation is a group of inquisitive minds perfecting the design and manufacture of linear and rotary actuators for motion control applications. With over 23 million USD of R&D invested in the development of patented roller screw technology, Exlar offers up to 15 times the life of ball-screw or other linear actuator types, with higher speeds, greater forces and high shock resistance.

The Tritex II 12/24/48/60V DC Controller range or 240V 1 phase or 270V DC supply, offers a fully integrated package of servomotor, amplifier and position controller in a single IP54, or IP65 sealed enclosure. The Exlar linear actuator range can operate between -40ºC to 130ºC to IP65 with many other options, for example:

  • Internal Calibrated load cell,
  • Limit Switches,
  • hundreds of feedback devices,
  • Front protective bellows,
  • different housing
  • different main rod materials,
  • many different connector options,
  • internal LVDT linear position sensor,
  • failsafe open/closed internal spring option,
  • fail safe brake,
  • manual hand wheel and side hex drive options,
  • different greases,
  • customised main rod dimensions
  • customised front flange mountings,
  • side mounting tapped holes, trunnion mount, rear clevis mount,
  • preloaded screw for zero backlash,

Essentially pretty much anything the client can think of the Exlar design team can configure and manufacture. This facility offers the actuator to be tailored giving a fully optimised design for the application.

The K series and I series offers complete flexibility of motor and servo amplifier choice and the option of integral inline planetary gear reduction up to 10:1, it provides long life and is available in IP54 and IP65 enclosures. Again with many different options.

Roller screw linear actuators provide the efficient modern alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic units in a much more compact, low maintenance format, with none of the potential contamination or noise. They are more than 10 times efficient as air cylinders and 4.4 times more efficient than hydraulic with no of the maintenance issues (see white paper on the application page).

For hazardous area applications, the EL/ER series with integral servo motor and gearbox, offers exceptional torque / size ratio for most linear force and rotary applications. The EL100 series is ATEX rated and we have other solutions for ATEX available through Olsen design team. GSX and Tritex are Class I Division 2 rated.


 Benefits of Roller Screw vs Ball Screw PDF

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