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While the Exlar range includes many products suitable for general industrial applications, a particular speciality is the ProMation Engineering range of quarter-turn explosion-proof actuators. Rugged and reliable, these are designed for use in oil and gas, mining, food processing, chemical plant and power applications, controlling butterfly valves, ball valves, high performance valves, plug valves, gate valves and dampers.

ProMation Engineering explosion proof actuators can be used in the most demanding hazardous locations. They meet the latest Class I Division 1 as well as Class II and Class III Division 1 specifications in line with UL 1203. In addition, they use the same electronic and mechanical components as ProMation products for use in non-hazardous area, thereby guaranteeing the same reliability and performance that users have long associated with ProMation products. 

ProMation explosion proof actuators are the only hazardous area electric actuators with a standard raised position indicator. Other standard features include a thermally protected industrial motor, anti-condensation heater, two auxiliary switches, and ISO 5211 mounting.

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