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Marshal Aerospace


Marshal Aerospace

The Northern SC21 cluster visited Marshall Aerospace to look at their systems of continuous improvement and how they have developed during the past 5 years in Aerospace & Engineering Services both to MOD and Boeing. Marshall Aerospace is a L380 million division of the privately owned Marshall Group and owns Cambridge Airport and much of the surrounding area. They maintain the UK fleet of C-130 Hercules 33 in service and many others from around the globe.

Their engineering capabilities also have allowed them to test the new Europrop TP400-0D6 engine for the new Airbus A400M heavy lift transport plane. They can refit old charter planes to Defence specification fitting ancillary components, cameras and radar equipment, also refit business jets to customised specifications. The do have the capabilities to actually manufacture & assemble complete aircraft, but choose to work collaboratively with the prime aircraft OEM's supporting them, giving service and maintenance to aircraft fleets around the world. They also pride themselves on service to the community and is one of the pillars of their company philosophy. For example the recent return to flight of Avro Vulcan XH558 was a remarkable feat of engineering with Marshall ADG recording around 22,000 production hours and 40,000 engineering hours free of charge. Excellent visit.


It is with pleasure to confirm that Olsen Engineering finished 2nd in class of "Manufacturing and Engineering" companies, behind 2013's overall winners Village Bakeries and 15th overall in the Wales Fast Growth 50, top 50 fastest growing companies, with Hydro Industries winning, from 200,000 companies. This years top 50 entries generated a collective £272 million turnover and created a combine 1500 new jobs. The event in Cardiff was hosted by Professor Dylan Jones-Evans the organiser and Sian Lloyd, BBC Presenter with Edwina Hart MBE Assembly Member attending. Olsen grew 213.2% during 2011-2013 and plans to be included in the 2015 event.


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