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2 x 1MW Catepillar Engine Throttle Control


1MW Motor Engine Control

The 70m Geotechnical survey vessel required maintenance and was fitted with 2 x Exlar GSX Electric Actuators and 24Vdc Exlar SV servo positioning actuator drives (with UPS battery back up) during re-fit 2008 to control the engine throttle linkage and interface to the main engine control system.

During a re-fit around 4 years ago after Fugro acquired the ship, the Adventurer was fitted with various upgraded systems including DP2 (Dynamic Positioning) System which holds the ship within around 70cm of target position to allow drilling to be completed in order to make surveying and construction of new weld heads in the Middle East region. 

Fugro had been trying to source a solution for a reliable engine speed / throttle control and since the Exlar GSX actuators had been already been operating for 10 years without any issues, without any maintenance, Olsen was called to provide advice and installation of new replacement servo drive electronics, testing and supply of new drop in replacement actuators and cables, such that original units could be serviced and kept as spare parts. When the cost of risk of having a ship down due to throttle issue is so serious it’s important to be covered in any eventuality. 

Fugro Adventurer Engine Throttle Control


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