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Process and Packaging Association Expo 2018


Olsen visits PPMA 2018

First attended in 2009 by Olsen, the 2018 exhibition show cases key Machine Builders in the Processing and Packaging Sector and special purpose machine for Food and Drink industry. Olsen supplied another 6 sets of Exlar FT high force high capacity roller screw actuator on express lead time to allow construction of the System F high speed all electric liquid filling machine 


All Electric Filling has long been tested by end users who believe in considering total product life cycle costs of their new plants. All electric actuator solutions allow rapid change over of product bottle and container sizes but also increase fill rates whilst reducing energy consumption to the absolute minimum.

The Olsen Exlar FT/FTX series design included grease ports for easy in-service re-greasing, a high capacity roller screw option giving long travel life in the rage of + 10 years without headaches of maintenance and leaks associated with hydraulic installations or the huge energy wastage of pneumatic systems, with low production noise levels improving the user & operator experience.

Contact Olsen to understand and calculate the close approximated energy savings you can achieve in your machine and production lines !


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