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Linear robotics, belt and screw actuators, XYZ tables


Belt and Screw Actuators

We are delighted to announce a partnership agreement with Macron Dynamics who produce high quality unique belt actuators, screw actuators and linear robotics solutions including XY, XZ, XYZ Robot / Tables, H-Bots and T-Bots. These are the more cost-effective solution, even increasing productivity compared with conventional robot pick and place applications where the full articulation / degree of movement is not actually required.


Following on from the successful installation of several projects X Y and X Y Z tables for some ground breaking leading universities, Olsen has decided to promote and supply Macron products into the UK Market. Macron Products have several unique features and benefits compared with the existing players in the market:

1) A proprietary belt design with steel stranding for increased strength and tension

2) Belt tensioning on the cart, not on the pulley therefore protecting against misalignment issues

3) Unique pulley design with one-piece shaft and integrated gearbox, including pulley dirt exit path

4) Sealed Bearings which are water resistance

5) Optional Stainless-Steel product lines and housing coating options

6) Specific travel / stroke lengths available by 25mm, or even exact dimensions available

7) Pre-Engineered and Assembled Cartesian gantry systems XY XZ XYZ solutions and H-Bot and T-Bot linear robotics

8) Optional safety brake options, claw brake, disc brake and motor brake options

9) 2-3-week lead lead time.

10) 3d models available directly from the web site

11) Stepper Motor & Servo motor adaptor housings and couplings designed to suit plus drive packages



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