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The UK Space Sector is growing

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Olsen Space Actuators and Controls

The Gallifrey Group (GG) is an industry-led consortium of Defence/Space companies
and complimenting UK universities. Their aspiration is to provide ‘the best UK Space
offer’ by bringing together the most cutting-edge equipment from British industry,
using academia to push the boundaries of their products.
The group is an eclectic mix of UK Prime Contractors and SMEs, who discuss their
products and aspirations in university ‘Workshop’ events, to get suggestions and
feedback about their equipment and future strategies. PhD students are crucial to
the future STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programmes and
the strong link to the Defence/Space industry provides feeder opportunities for future
jobs in industry, as well as future research programmes for universities. With several
universities looking at more Space-related courses in their portfolio, the close links
with British industry and the UK side to US Primes, is crucial to future growth in the
Defence/Space sector.
The GG was formed in the Defence Security Organisation in the Department of
International Trade. A Pipeline of Defence/Space companies was formed with
aspirations to sell to the USA with additional support from the UK Space Agency,
MoD and ADS.
Within several months of furious activity, the first Year Book was compiled, which
you are now reading. This book details the formation of the group, their links, skills,
equipment and aspirations for the year ahead, to provide a strong message to the
Defence/Space industry, both in the UK and overseas.
The British Space sector is not a vast one, but understanding the progress made by
industry, government departments and academics in 2018, a strong offer has already
been put on the table with The Gallifrey Group 2019 Year Book. I sincerely hope you
enjoy reading it.

The space industry is a rapidly growing sector, within which the UK has the
opportunity to showcase its capability through the experience and innovation of
primes, SMEs and academia.
The collaboration with Academia is giving rise to a strong synergy between members
of The Gallifrey Group, taking a lateral thinking approach to existing terrestrial
products and adapting them for space; as well as assisting in the development of
new technologies through bespoke workshops, thus assuring that the UK space
offer remains relevant.
In the coming year, as well as planning our first outward mission to the US, The
Gallifrey Group will attract more members from both industry and academia,
increasing its already diverse capability, collectively identifying intellectual
requirements for the development of new technologies in the sector.
The Gallifrey Group was created to deliver a clear Defence/Space offer, to put the
cutting edge of UK technology on one very visible platform. It is also the group’s
intention to highlight the UK offer to civilian space, such as NASA, and promote
inward investment toward UK space opportunities in the South West and Scotland.
We have achieved a great deal in a short period of time, I expect the same pace
in the coming years. Collaborative experiences always yield more than the sum of
their parts, and by bringing British industry and academia together with the right
government support, The Gallifrey Group can achieve much.

The Gallifrey Group’s strategy going forwards into 2019 is simple: grow, learn and
get out the UK Space message. It’s as simple as that.
Underpinning this statement is the message: We provide Space Solutions. This is
an important point, because although The Gallifrey Group was started as a Defence/
Space group, they are already so much more. They still have their traditional reach
into Defence through DSO/ADS and MoD, but they are now reaching out more
directly to NASA, as well as academics, who are not biased or concerned about
Defence applications. ‘It became quite apparent early on that the group was more
than Defence,’ Craig Cabell (DSO) said. ‘That’s why they had to be industry led.
They needed the opportunity to make their own commercial decisions, such as their
interests in helping to build Space-related centres around the Cornwall area. They
are entrepreneurs and are really the first true pioneers in the UK Space sector. If you
think that NASA and other areas around Florida and Houston, Texas, have theme
parks and tours of their Space-related installations, you can see where tourism, jobs
and education can benefit from the opportunity of a local Space Port.’
The Gallifrey Group are keen to support the UK Space dream, not just sell their
products to friendly nations. A fundamental part of their work is in education, and the
RAF 100 Legacy supports the Gallifrey Group in reaching out to students across the
UK and making them aware of STEM opportunities and future jobs in science and
engineering (see Annex A).
Perhaps the most crucial part of The Gallifrey Group’s work is to make contact
with Acquisition Managers in specific Space programmes. To forge relationships
with universities engaged in Space programmes across the United States, as
well as find out what sub-contractual/partnering opportunities there are going
forwards. The group are already exploring an Outward Mission to the US in May
2019 with government support, and are already in conversations with the US State
Department, the Department of Commerce, the Office of Defense Cooperation,
RDECOM, Naval Research Labs, FCT, by working closely with DSO and the US

As 2019 progresses, The Gallifrey Group intend to build upon the contacts they
make and explore where UK technologies and services can continue to build the
Space Answer. ‘The Space Answer is the joint success the UK enjoys with its major
allies, keeping ahead of the aggressor and anticipating and countering problems and
other challenges that lay ahead,’ Craig Cabell said. ‘The Gallifrey Group are already
considering their participation in a White House endorsed five-eyes summit in the US
in the summer and, as they move forwards, and gather more support and exposure,
other opportunities will be afforded them.’
The Gallifrey Group will continue their academic workshops throughout 2019,
reaching across the UK, not just the South West. They intend to keep strong ties
to DSO/MoD, including the RAF, who have invited them to networking events with
official US delegations at the RAF Club in London and 1-2-1 engagements at major
Defence and Security shows in both the UK and the US, where the UK Space
Agency intend to offer additional support.

Olsen Actuation UK Ltd Electric Linear and rotary ACTUATORS description of product:
Our range of Mil specification COTS EAR99 roller screw servo PM linear actuator
are the smallest available in the world for a given force and speed. Available at
24Vdc with 3 micron metre position accuracy. We also offer compact rotary servo
actuators with integrated planetary gearbox options. Olsen also offers Mil spec drive
electronics to control the servo actuators.

Value to targeted audience:
750g shock impact, Mil spec, very accurate

We can solve thrust vector control very accurately allowing positioning, rudders /
hatch / braking / landing gear mechanisms.
We can solve landing arm / foot mechanism deployment
Hatch opening / any mechanism where movement is needed.
Rocket fuel control valves, throttle control linkages.
We can offer complete testing solutions for the dynamic, static, endurance, cyclic
testing of the component parts / complete assemblies during the validation period of
the space technology device. 


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