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North West Supply Chain 21st Century


Olsen - North West Supply Chain 21st Century

This month has seen the beginning of the North West Supply Chain 21st Century Regional Cluster, hosted by Rolls Royce Sundlerland, who manufacture High Pressure (HP) and Intermediate Pressure (IP) fan disks for Helicopters and Jet Engines. As part of an ongoing development of our businesses, 5 companies have started a cluster to share ideas and experiences of the SC21 program. They are Sheffield Forgemasters, Teledyne, Ford Aerospace, Analox supported by NDA, The aim is to share understanding about the program, sharing the strengths and weaknesses of the different business models, to implement improvements. A big thank you to Rolls Royce for a useful and interested tour of their production facilities and explaining their systems of monitoring the work flow, quality and personnel performance / site efficiency. Coincidentally this month also has seen fresh purchase orders from Rolls Royce for several actuators from the Derby and Filton sites.


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