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IMechE Steam Turbine Conference


Olsen - IMechE Steam Turbine Conference

This year IMechE Steam turbine conference in Warwick was well attended with +125 people in attendance. Olsen Exhibited at the event and also presented a paper on Electric Actuator Retro-fits - the presentation is available by request - please use the contact page. The evening dinner was enjoyable. Certainly the subject of direct linear actuation was of interest with over 3000 Exlar actuators currently in service in three main applications, direct main steam valve control on small turbines to 100MW, pilot valve control on medium sized turbines to 400MW and the possibility to use FT100 370kN actuators drives with very small low power servo motors for large >650MW turbines. The scope and possibility to modernise older turbines with electric actuators in Europe is a reality and we hope to build on the successful projects already installed. With no hysteresis, fast response and 3um accuracy means that generator frequency can be better managed and of course there is no associated maintenance or fluid issues when running with electric cylinders compared to hydraulics. 21st Century turbines will no doubt eventually embrace and take delight in this direct drive, efficient, elegant engineering solution.


Olsen has opened additional offices in Daresbury Sci-Tech Innovation Centre with the aim of providing much better North West regional sales support. The new space also means to take advantage of networking opportunities with other science and technology companies from within the campus, as well as being able to use the vast array of conference facilities. STFC is based on site, who pioneered the frontier machine for light source synchrotrons, helping develop the ideas for CERN. Today globally installed machines are valued at more than £60 billion. The site boasts the UK’s largest supercomputer, HPCx, for developing applications. Daresbury STFC is also developing the largest radio telescope in the world, and the Nuclear Structure Facility has the world’s largest Van de Generator. John Leake, business development manager at Sci-Tech Daresbury, said: "We're delighted to welcome a business of Olsen Engineering’s calibre to the growing cluster of high-growth, high-tech businesses on the campus, and I’m sure that the facilities and community at Sci-Tech Daresbury will contribute to the company’s continuing success."



Thanks you for this event by IET Andrew Kaldos, the first of this kind organised by the Manufacturing and Management Group in very close cooperation with JLR Halewood `Dream Team`. The presentations byr Press/stamping, Body Construction, Paint Shop, Tim&Final and Quality & Process were impeccable. The fact that one car less than every 82s is produced with high optimised Quality in mind is fantastic. Based on what I have seen, it is certain Landrover will continue to increase market share and the Managers at Halewood are dynamic and very focused, growing the strength of UK motor industry. JLR are perfectly placed to accelerate automotive business in the North West.


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