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Olsen Melbourne Australia Branch


Olsen - Melbourne Australia Branch

This month sees the formation of Olsen Actuation PTY Ltd Melbourne Australia branch. Many of our key Multi-National clients have country production facilities in Australia and we hope the opening a local branch southern hemisphere office will allow duplication of successfully designed and installed UK projects in Australia. Many of the Multi-National programs are almost cut and paste of what has already been designed in UK, so we hope and plan to leverage new business by repeat installations of existing machinery upgrade designs. There is also a buoyant simulation market with several companies offering Fixed Wing and Helicopter Sims and also Mining Simulators + Racing car, plus several leading technology visual systems developers. We are planning to purchase a fixed wing and helicopter static simulator to trial and develop our Hexapod motion, which is being commissioned during February. One clear unique advantage with our Hexapod is that having a rotary turret allows much better YAW simulation for helicopter applications.



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