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Brother Industries


Brother Industries

"IMECHE North West organised and excellent visit to Brother Industries in Wrexham who turnover £74 m in recycling Laser printer cartridges and also produce some new ones plus management of Pitney Bowes franking machines.

The whole business model changed 10 years ago as the market changed, now Wrexham is the global champion of efficiency improvements and recycling for the whole Japanese Group which has turnover of approx $3bn.

We visited the clean room which incorporates automation technologies to disassemble and re-assembly cartridges. Generally its possible to get 3 lives from one cartridge depending on the condition of the returned cartridge.

The company saves millions of tonnes of land fill and due to the success opened a subsidiary 3 years ago in Slovakia to handle the European returns. Thanks Brother and IMECHE for organising this event"


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