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New Rotary Quarter Turn Process


New Rotary Quarter Turn Process Control Actuators - Explosion Proof

Promation Engineering - Precision Actuation for Industry

  • 6-4500Nm Torque
  • Dual Acting Quarter Turn
  • On/Off or Proportional Control
  • Clutchless Manual Handwheel
  • Self-Locking Gear Train
  • Raised Indicator

Available Options (Factory Installed)

  • Spring fail open / fail closed
  • Premium and AdVanced Proportional Controller Kits. Converts a 2 position actuator
  • to proportional control
  • Mechanical Torque Switch Assembly (On/Off/Jog and AdVanced actuators only)
  • Rotation modifications for up to 220 degree rotation
  • Auxiliary Switch Set. Provides two additional auxiliary switches, for a total of four
  • Chain wheel override for applications where an actuator is mounted some distance
  • from the floor
  • Local Control Station

ProMation Premium Controller

The Premium controller offers a full array of features - such as various control and feedback signals, alphanumeric readout, several fault indicators for operational diagnostics, extensive data logging that provides full proportional control for all industrial applications. Modbus communications are also an option on this controller.

Full Proportional Control Featuring:

  • Autocalibration
  • Programmable
  • High Resolution
  • Alarm Outputs
  • Data Logging
  • Simple User Interface
  • Field Selection Friendly
  • Thermal Management

Quarter Turn Explosion Proof Actuators

Hazardous Applications

Rugged and reliable, ProMation Engineering actuators are designed for use in Oil and Gas, Mining, Food Processing, Chemicals and Power applications controlling butterfly valves, ball valves, high performance valves, plug valves, gate valves and dampers.

Explosion Proof

The ProMation Engineering explosion proof actuators are designed for use in the most demanding hazardous locations. They meet the latest Class I Division 1 as well as Class II and Class III Division 1 specifications per UL 1203. The explosion proof actuators share the same electronic and mechanical components as the ProMation standard location products and give you the same reliability and performance that you’ve come to expect from our quarter turn actuators.


The ProMation explosion proof actuators feature the only hazardous duty electric actuator with a standard raised indicator allowing easy identification of actuator position. Other standard items include an anti-condensation heater, two auxiliary switches, and ISO 5211 mounting. In addition to on/ off control, the explosion proof actuators can have proportional control with 4–20 mA, 0–10, 2–10, and 1–5vdc input. Also available: torque switch to protect motors and valves, additional auxiliary switches, 0–220° rotation, and an optional chain wheel for the manual override. Thermally protected industrial Motor. Anti-Condensation Heater.

Torque Range and Voltages

The explosion proof actuators range in torque and are available in 12vdc, 24vdc, 24vac, 120vac, and 230vac voltages. The output gearing and assembly is the same as our standard product and therefore fully compatible with valve, damper couplers and linkages that are used for nearly any industrial application.

Explosion Proof Actuator Specifications

Explosion Proof Actuator Specifications


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