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Griffon Hoverwork - fully electric rudder system


Today’s most technically advanced hovercraft, the Griffon 12000TD, is benefiting from innovative technology supplied by Olsen Actuation.

Olsen Actuation has developed a fully electric rudder system that reduces the installation weight by almost 500 kg compared to similar hydraulic solutions. It also provides the pilot with invaluable real-time functional information and diagnostics, complemented by comprehensive data logging. 

The Griffon 12000TD rudder system features high-reliability Exlar stainless-steel GSX40 roller screw linear actuators with servo drive control systems and advanced motion software to optimise rudder control. Olsen Actuation also supplied the boarding ramps, clamshell hatch actuators (with manual override feature); thrust prop pitch control and marine rated power and signal cables. 

Other pioneering fully electric marine solutions developed and installed by Olsen include a nine-axis ROV Moonpool door and locking pin control system plus Exlar actuators for Subsea 7 Kestrel, ATEX fire door control for the Indian Navy and a new range of submarine-rated subsea linear actuators. 

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