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Why Exlar Actuators are an ideal replacement for Hydraulic cylinders in pressing applications


Why Exlar Actuators are an ideal replacement for Hydraulic cylinders for pressing applications

Exlar actuators offer solutions for a number of metal forming assembly processes (including, crimping, pressing, riveting and inserting) and are an ideal replacement for messy and outdated hydraulic cylinders in high-force press applications.

Exlar’s patented electro-mechanical roller screw actuators guarantee precise and repeatable force over millions of cycles and require very little maintenance over their lifetime.

Click the pictures below to find some of our suggested products for pressing applications...

Tritex II AC Rotary Actuator.JPG Tritex II AC Linear Actuator Olsen Actuation Tritex II Dc Rotary Actuator Olsen Actuation Tritex DC Linear Actuator.jpg.jpg GSX series integrated motor actuator Olsen Actuation GSM series electric linear actuator Olsen Actuation FT Series Actuator Exlar Olsen Actuation FTP series Exlar Olsen Actuation FTX Series Actuator.JPG

Find out more from Exlar's technical whitepaper hby clicking here


About us

Olsen Actuation is the UK’s exclusive supplier Exlar Actuators. Our skilled engineers are experts in Exlar’s patented roller-screw technology and offer a bespoke project management service that supports every element from planning and preparation to installation, testing and product servicing.

At Olsen we understand that each customer’s requirement is different, which is why we tailor each project to suit our client’s individual needs. To find out more about the company, our clients and the products and services that we offer please contact us here…

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