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Exlar Actuators Improve Efficiency of Robotic Welding


Exlar Actuators Improve Efficiency of Robotic Welding

Exlar’s compact electro-mechanical actuators can greatly improve the efficiency and processes of high volume robotic spot welding by providing high force and long life within a lightweight, low-maintenance package.

Other benefits of these actuators include force control, extended weld tip life, lower power consumption, reduced expulsion and motion flexibility.

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About us

Olsen Actuation is the leading supplier of Exlar Roller-Screw Actuators in the UK. Our OLSEN-ACT-LOGO-MASTER.pngexpert team of engineers are highly trained in the fitment, testing and maintenance of actuators and can offer a fully bespoke service to our clients.

At Olsen, we understand that every project is different which is why our experienced team are on hand to offer support, guidance and management at every stage from project design and planning, right through to installation, testing and servicing.

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