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Benefits of Exlar Actuators for Grinding Applications


Benefits of Exlar Actuators for Grinding

The advantages of Exlar roller screw actuators in precision grinding application is that the accuracy and repeatability tolerance is less than 3 micron metres.

It's possible to make very slow move speeds in the range of 0.01mm/s upto higher speed as needed including retracting at 254mm/s.
The reliability of electric actuation means life cycles over +20 years and no expensive hydraulic noise power packs, cooling systems, corrosion of pipes, also minimising installation time.
The applied force available for for GSX range is up to 2-55kN with travel distances up to 75-450mm.
The FT series high force actuator range can applied force from in the range of 22kN-300kN continuous with travel available from 150mm to 1200mm.
The lifetime of the roller screw technology ensure very long machine life typically +10 years with low maintenance and repeatable performance.
Olsen also has a NEW Capsule style electro-hydraulic sealed for life actuator technology, which can make position repeatability of 0.5 micron metres with no wearing parts from the applied loading. Typically this can offer +15 million cycles with no maintenance or wear of moving parts.
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GSX series integrated motor actuator.PNG FT Series Actuator Exlar.JPG FTX Series Actuator.JPG

Olsen Actuation are experts in the design and fitment of electro-mechanical systems and are the UK’s exclusive suppliers of Exlar Roller-Screw Actuators. Our in depth OLSEN-ACT-LOGO-MASTER.pngproduct knowledge and years of engineering experience mean that we are able to provide support at every level, from the design and planning of a project, right through to installation, testing and continued support.

At Olsen, we understand that every client’s requirement is different, which is why we offer a fully bespoke project management package that is tailored to each client’s individual needs. To find out more about us, our clients or any of the products and services that we have on offer, please contact us here

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