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Exlar Actuators Offer Ideal Solution to Riveting Applications


Exlar precision ground roller screw technology allows very long life cycles typically +10million cycles

Exlar precision ground roller screw technology allows very long life cycles typically +10million cycles when sized correctly even when making the press cycle over short travel distances.

The Exlar GSX series allows force up to 55kN with travel up to 250mm. The FT series can offer 22kN with 35mm roller screw diameter, 44.5kN in the 45mm roller screw, 90kN continuous in the 60mm roller screw and 178kN in the 80mm roller screw.

Exlar have also recently launches the new FTX series streamlined for production volumes with several key benefits over the original FT series design. There is all the High Force Press version available in FTP series due Q3/Q4 2017.

Electric Actuation removes risk of product contamination becuase since it is a clean reliable technology, easy to install and low life with low energy consumption since energy is mainly only used at 10% of rated power during the slow press cycle.

These benefits of FTX series vs. FT series include removable front seal bushing assembly for easy replacement of seals and lubrication of the roller screw, we also offer an oil filled option to allow continuous lubrication of the roller screw.

Call now to discuss and hear more about all the upgrades features with the new FTX series!

Check out some of our product suggestions for riveting applications..

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OLSEN-ACT-LOGO-MASTER.png Olsen Actuation are the UK’s lead supplier of Exlar Actuators. Our highly skilled team of engineers are specialists in the customisation and integration of electro-mechanical systems and offer support to clients from a wide range of industries including; aerospace, defence, entertainment, food/packaging, energy, machine tools, automotive and forestry among others.

At Olsen we are dedicated to providing an exceptional bespoke service to our clients, which is why we offer a complete project management package and can provide tailored support across all stages from the planning and preparation right through to testing, installation and product support. To find out what Olsen could do for your business, please contact us here…

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