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Actuators for Automotive Pressing Applications - White Paper


Exlar Automation lists pros and cons of of electro-mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators for pressing applications

In this detailed and informative white paper, Exlar Automation forms a comparison between electromechanical actuators and their hydraulic and pneumatic counterparts in relation to pressing applications.

Exlar, a member of the Curtiss-Wright group, provides an in-depth discussion into each performance indicator including reliability, lifespan, design, weight and installation concerns, all of which are important considerations when selecting a system to use.

According to a representative at Exlar:Exlar-Logo.jpg

“Selecting the correct actuator for your needs can involve environmental concerns, retrofitting existing equipment and sizing the actuator to deliver the best results”

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At Olsen, we understand that every client’s needs are different, which is why we offer a completely bespoke project management package that offers support at every level from the design and planning stage, right through to installation, testing and maintenance.

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