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How to Choose the Right Actuator for your Manufacturing Environment


Find out how to use the IP rating system to choose the best actuator for your business.

Motion Control manufacturers, Tolomatic have given their advice on how to avoid premature wear and tear by choosing the component that is best suited to its working environment.

The US based engineers point out that while it may seem obvious, many people do not adequately research their actuator before purchasing it and later find that environmental factors in their work space require a product with a completely different specification. This can be very costly to a business because the actuator that has been purchased either needs to be replaced or modified to better suit its application.

Linear Actuation specialists at Tolomatic have observed that there are two main environments that can cause early wear to a product; Forestry Olsen Actuation Exlar Actuators.JPG

dusty (ranging from light to heavy) and wet. These two conditions cover the majority of working environments that can be problematic for machine components such as linear actuators.

Fortunately, there are Linear Actuators that are specifically designed to withstand demanding working conditions. Tolomatic explain that the key to getting it right is to know your IP ratings.

The IEC developed IP rating system dictates what level of protection a product is equipped with before it will start to corrode. The level of protection necessary differs based on the harshness of the environment, so it is important to do your research.


For dusty environments, an Electric Linear Actuator that is rated IP5X (dust protected) is suitable for most light dust, however, for more heavy-duty requirements e.g. damp environment olsen actuation exlar actuators.JPGmachining, grinding or wood working, you should request an actuator that is dust tight, IP6X rated.


In an environment where the level of moisture is fairly low i.e. indirect water droplets or light vapour, an IPX5 (water resistant) rating is sufficient. Actuators that will be directly in the path of water must be water tight so require an IPX6 or IPX7 rating.

For extreme environments such as those where the component will be subjected to aggressive cleaning with corrosive chemicals or where a pressure jet is used, a higher IP rating of up to IP69K is necessary.

Want to know more? Read the full article by Tolomatic here.

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