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Electric Rod Actuators: The Sustainable Solution to Hydraulic Systems


Find out how Electric Rod Actuators can offer substantial force with greater accuracy and repeatability using LESS energy

Hydraulic cylinders are accustomed and consistent linear motion machines that are affordable and capable of high force, however do present disadvantages.

Cylinders have seen excess problems with fluid leaks, large footprint (with hydraulic power unit) and high maintenance costs.

Contemporary electric linear actuators can be used to replace hydraulic cylinders and restrict these problems from occurring.

A mess to clean up

A cosmetics manufacturer was using hydraulic cylinders to press, form and package their products but discovered numerous complications with position control, speed, accuracy and repeatability. The machines were persistently witnessing fluid leaks, causing costly cleaning procedures and damaged products with significant downtime. Using hydraulic cylinders required time-consuming manual changeovers when different cosmetic lines were introduced, causing further downtime costs to occur. The manufacturer observed further issues with the hydraulic cylinders as the hydraulic system’s hydraulic power unit (HPU), along with the main pump and reservoir, took up significant floor space in the production area.

To solve these issues, the manufacturer adopted electric actuator systems that eradicated the problems of misused space, expensive downtime and product quality instabilities that were caused by the hydraulic system.

A clean, electric solution

To replace the hydraulic system, designers opted for a RSA50 electric rod actuator with reverse parallel motor mount. This machine delivers substantial force more rapidly and with greater accuracy and repeatability than the previous hydraulic system. The servo motor of the electric actuator system stores specific requirements for each product line so they’re readily accessible. Electric actuator systems are able to store specific product requirements to allow swift changes to be made to the production line.

Using RSAs eliminates the large hydraulic power unit and the messy components of hydraulic systems, freeing up essential floor space. The costs of the RSA solution were within budget and the return on investment was significant with daily output doubling and product quality also increasing.

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