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How Lightweight Servo Actuators Lower Robotic RSW Costs


Find out why more automotive manufacturers than ever are choosing electric actuators.

It is essential that car manufacturers use high quality welds to hold auto bodies together to produce robust costs.

Welding robots for resistance spot welding (RSW) have benefitted auto manufacturers because they deliver reliable weld placement. To work the weld gun, welding robots require actuators to provide consistent quality and reduce the costs of robotic resistance spot welding.

In robotic resistance spot welding, either electric actuators or pneumatic cylinders can be implemented, although there are clear advantages with using electric.Robot.JPG

Electric beats pneumatic

  1. Weld quality – Electric actuators apply the optimum extent of force for the correct period of time, allowing weld timing and pressure to be controlled meticulously. Indifferently, pneumatic cylinders are determined by compressed air systems that often provide inconsistent pressure levels and weld quality.

  2. Repeatability – Electric actuators allow speed, force and other constraints to be programmed, ensuring weld quality is high and reliable. It is difficult to receive these quality levels using pneumatic cylinders because of the fluctuating pressure found within compressed systems.

  3. Cost – Although the initial cost of an electric actuator may be greater than a pneumatic cylinder, it will last longer (10-20 million welds versus 3 million welds). In addition, electric actuators have higher efficiency, operating at 75-80% efficiency as compared to the 15-25% of pneumatic systems. 

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