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Exlar Announces NEW High-Force Actuator


Why the FTP215 promises to be more robust that Hydraulic systems

The highly anticipated FTP215 Actuator by Exlar has been designed exclusively for high-force press applications.

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In an announcement made by Exlar, it was revealed that the latest edition to the popular FTX range is in fact an enhanced version of the successful FT80 model, with a number of key alterations:

Massive Force

Offering a continuous force rating of up to 178kN, speed to 875mm/sec and stroke lengths from 150mm to 900mm (max stroke lengths) the FTP215 is both powerful and versatile enough to be used across a full range of press applications.

High Capacity

With 15X the life of a comparably sized ball screw, the FTP215 will provide significantly higher shock load resistance.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

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The new Idler pulley design and grease zerk fitting with removable front seal bushing, work together to hugely simplify motor installation, belt tensioning, re-greasing and general maintenance. This will maximise the product’s extended life-span.

Environmental Protection

Rated IP65 (min) eEnvironmental protection, the FTX215 is completely dust tight and able to perform well in the most challenging of manufacturing environments.

Click here to find out more about the FTX215.

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