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Why Olsen Actuators are Perfect for Process Control Applications


Find out how Olsen electric actuators can offer the ideal solution to almost any process control application

Electric Actuators supplied by Olsen Actuation can offer the perfect solution for a variety of challenging Process Control applications. 

Read on to find out how these actuators have been used in the past to reduce maintenance and increase efficiency and consistency…

Fisher Valve.JPG

Key Benefits:

  • Lower power consumption
  • Adaptability to old or new valves
  • Failure modes
  • Connectivity
  • Repeatability
  • Accuracy and efficiency
  • Modulate open/close options
  • IP65 options


Fuel Control Valve

Gas Turbine Control.JPG

The use of electric actuated fuel control valves on gas turbines can replace pressure regulator/gas loaders, throttle valves, and associated electrohydraulic actuators. Exlar’s servo electric actuators integrate a high performance servo motor and a specially designed roller screw mechanism for converting electric motor power into linear motion. The roller screw, which consists of multiple threaded helical rollers assembled in a planetary arrangement around a threaded shaft, is capable of carrying heavy loads for thousands of hours even in very arduous conditions. This, combined with high torque servo motor technology, provides a compact and powerful linear actuator solution for fuel valves.

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Inlet Guide Vanes

For gas turbines with variable guide vanes, Exlar actuators provide superior performance to other technologies. Precise positioning and feedback provides the ability to fine‐tune injector airflow to maintain CO and NOx emissions.

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Bleed Valve

High accuracy and speed make Exlar servo electric actuators are an excellent choice for your variable air 

Turbine Control.JPG

bleed valves and inlet bleed heat valves.

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Fuel Metering Valve

For gas metering utilizing ball valves, Exlar electric servo rotary actuators provide 

high accuracy positioning. changes in less than 5 mSec.

Directly coupled to the shaft, all linear linkages are eliminated. Gear reduction ratios areavailable up to 100:1.

for end to end travel time of a 6 inch stroke actuator of less than 200 mSec. This performance makes Exlar's actuators the obvious choice for applications such as turbine controls.

 Exlar’s gas turbine linear and rotary actuators are designed for use in Class I Div I Groups B, C and D areas. Each Exlar actuator, when supplied with Exlar's all digital positioner, will respond to command signal 

The speed of the response combined with the dynamic capability of the all‐electric actuator delivers repeatability much greater than typical pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders and allows 

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Gate Valve

Gate Valve Control.JPG

Exlar’s Tritex II® AC electric rotary actuator offer the perfect motion control solution for gate valve 

applications. Exlar’s actuator offers a 4-20mA analog I/O option tied to position which allows for automatic positioning of the gate valve. The Tritex II actuator also has a built-in position feedback sensor providing very high accuracy. These features allow the user to easily control the gate valve and enhance their capability. 

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Damper Control

In order to get the best possible damper control, utility engineers are now replacing existing windbox dampers with Exlar electric servo actuators. Each actuator, when supplied with Exlar’s all digital

SV positioner, will respond to command signal changes in less than 5 mSec. The speed of the responsecombined with the dynamic capability of the all‐electric actuator delivers accuracy and repeatability Damper Control.JPGmuch greater than pneumatic or induction motor actuators. Exlar’s patented linear actuator is based on a unique design for integrating a robust and efficient threaded roller mechanism into the interior of a high power density, high performance brushless servo motor.

Combined with a precise position feedback mechanism, the result is an all‐electric actuator which is extremely compact, yet delivers superior performance for your damper control needs. One of Exlar’s unique differences from other electric actuators is in the roller screw’s design for transmitting forces. The large number of mechanical interfaces combined with their shape create a high contact surface area that allows high load carrying capabilities and high stiffness. Exlar’s other unique difference is its high performance brushless servo motor which yields both speed and control unachievable by conventional motors.

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Coal Press Filling

The Exlar® GSX20 was selected for the application because of its speed and IP65 environmental protection. The customer also considered another brand of electric actuator, but it did not have the required environmental sealing.

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Pipeline Flow Control

The Tritex II actuator operates a 6 inch Fisher globe valve, controlling the flow rate of various refined products from a refinery to the end user. Exlar actuators provided an economical alternative to the existing hydraulic 

Pipeline Flow Control.JPG

actuators traditionally used for this application. Current industry trends are to eliminate the use of hydraulics  where possible to gain the benefits of simplified installation as well as reduced operating and maintenance costs offered with electric actuation. Exlar actuators are unique in the process industry through the integration of electric servo motors and planetary roller screws typically used in the motion control industry. Fully utilizing the physics of power and motion, of roller screws are unmatched at converting rotary torque into linear motion. Unlike acme or ball screws, roller screws are capable of carrying heavy loads and allowing rotational speedsin excess of 5000 rpm in the most arduous conditions. This makes roller screws integrated withservo motors the ideal choice for demanding, continuous‐duty final control element environments.

The Tritex Actuator series consists of both linear and rotary servo‐electric actuators, offering a unique combination of high speed, performance and accuracy, in a compact, lightweight package. The Tritex Actuator has speeds up to 25” per second, excellent position accuracy, and 100% continuous duty cycle. High performance is achieved with respect to speed, linearity, load sensitivity, deadband and temperature range.

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Pipeline Pump Control

The Exlar® GSX60 electric actuator replaces existing hydraulic solutions. Exlar actuators use a roller screw to convert the rotary motion of a servo motor directly to a linear force. This unique design provides high force and fast response needed for the application, as well as long life to minimize maintenance. Controls for the actuators are provided by Rockwell Automation, seamlessly integrating the Exlar valve actuator into the overall pump station control. The control scheme also includes continuous diagnostic capabilities; providing information on the health of the valve as well as the actuator.

Vent Control.JPG

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Vent Control

Exlar TDM75 Tritex electric actuators have proven to be a unique solution for separators, artificial lift, injection pumps and other production applications allowing for an environmentally friendly solution, eliminating venting of natural gas to the atmosphere.

Exlar’s unique approach using servo motor technology integrated with a roller screw provides extreme life, accuracy and efficiency unheard of with tradition electric technologies. Installation at temperatures of -40 C to 65 C makes it perfect for all locations.

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Hazardous Location 


Rugged and reliable, ProMation Engineering actuators are designed for use in Oil and Gas, Mining, Food Processing, Chemicals and Power applications controlling butterfly valves, ballvalves, high performance valves, plug valves, gate valves and dampers.

The ProMation Engineering explosion proof actuators are designed for use in the most demanding hazardous locations. They meet the latest Class I Division 1 as well as Class II and Class III Division 1 specifications per UL 1203. The explosion proof actuators share the same electronic and mechanical components as the ProMation standard location products and give you the same reliability and performance that you’ve come to expect from our quarter turn actuators.

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Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

EH-D valve control.JPG

The EH-D's Sealed for life capsule design along with its extremely high force capabilities, make it the ideal solution for challenging process control applications in Hazardous envrionments.

Due to its sealed for life capsule design, the EH-D boasts an impressive 20,000,000 cycle lifetime capability and with no pipes, cooling or wearing parts, the risk of leakage is eliminated (making the electro-hydraulic the perfect upgrade from messy and outdated hydraulic systems).

Despite its impressive 50MN force capability (up to 500 tonnes and competitive from 3 tonnes), the EH-D is highly efficient, saving up to 10 times more energy than traditional hydraulics and requiring almost no maintenance, this solution is designed to increase productivity by dramatically reducing downtime.

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