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Electric Testing solutions


Test Static Dynamic endurance

Our first visit to this Exhibition at Derby and there was a good mix of end users and equipment manufacturers looking for all manor or technologies to help solve testing requirements of their components, products and installations. People want an easy life and want to making testing of parts with the lowest possible set up time


It was clear that people want simplified actuator solutions for fast and easy test set up. Clients want the lowest possible time for test configuration - basically to reduce preparation time and get on with the test in order to evaluate the data. Electric Actuator solutions have very simple software to enter the distance, speed and force levels for the required test (compared with hydraulics & pneumatics) and record the deflection and loading pattern to .csv files. Electric cylinders have very low noise compared with hydraulics and do not leak oil, they also reduce energy consumption by around 80%, giving a much better working environment to the user.

CLICK HERE to see introduction to Olsen testing actuators presentation 


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